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FINA Swimming World Cup '05
Skills Used:
Visual Basic
In the weeks preceeding the 11th - 13th Nov, 2005, we had the pleasure of developing the software which powered the electronic scoreboard that was used during the FINA Swimming World Cup, held in our very own city of Durban, South Africa. A worldwide audience, and a brigade of foreign FINA officials keeping a careful eye on the event, meant there was no margin for error. Our huge commitment to the project pushed us to spend endless hours testing and debugging the system, and resulted in a terrific success with our application.  
In addition, we provided on-site technical support for the duration of the event, at the King's Park Aquatic Centre.
FLOOGY.com - Generous Web Hosting
http://www.floogy.com [online]
Skills Used:
VB Script  
RedHat Linux

Integrated with WorldPay
Floogy is our sister web hosting company. Starting as a way to more easily host our development websites and coding experiments in the beginning of 2002, the demand for a low-cost, customer-friendly host was overwhelming. Since then, through numerous sponsorships and promotions, Floogy has truly grown to international noteriety as a reputable host with a personal touch. Today we have a number of servers full of happy clients, and are considering incorporation in the UK.  
The Floogy.com website itself has various advanced applications such as currency convertors, domain whois engines, advanced affiliate tracking programs, and a successful reseller system.
GoldBay - Nuggets & Auctions
http://www.goldbay.com [online]
Skills Used:
CGI / Perl  

Integrated with PayPal
We have been GoldBay's development team for the better part of 2 years. It has fast become a favorite online destination for collectors and the grass-roots community of gold enthusiasts.

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