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Case Study: GoldBay.com

The brainchild of Dave Varabioff, GoldBay has fast become the single most popular auction site for the grassroots community of gold enthusiasts.

In October 2003, we were approached by a man with a definite plan: to provide a place on the internet for anybody with a prized nugget to be able to list and sell it for free. Of course, anybody with a computer and an interest in starting or adding to their own collection should then be able to purchase this gold, with the least amount of hassle and maximum security possible.

In typical fashion, Derosion programmed an entirely new auction system from the ground up, customized to Dave's every whim. The membership database was fully integrated with popular forum software to enhance the community aspect of GoldBay, and our LiteStore product was integrated with the website to enable straight-forward sales. Too many features were built in to list them all here, but suffice to say that GoldBay has been praised by

With an unreproachable reputation as an honest trader, Dave had little trouble generating trust and interest in his new offering. Before long, with the auction pages full of listings, the new members started to steadily stream in.

Today, GoldBay is the #1 resource for gold nuggets according to search giants Yahoo! and Google, and boasts almost 1,000 active buyers and sellers. But this is just the beginning.

Derosion has been enlisted to take GoldBay into the future by implementing new features intended to boost the self-sufficiency and profitability of the venture, as well as attract hundreds of new users with innovative offerings, the likes of which are found on no other auction website in existence.

To discuss your ideas, a current issue, or proposed solution, contact Derosion.

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